Syed Raza Sirsavi

For Jashan-e- maasoomeen 2004 we had invited Raza Sirsawi Sahab from U.P –India. During his stay in Dubai, Ehsan took his interview, so that we could share his biography with the other lovers of Ahlebait.

Zindagani Ke Safar Me Gardishoon Ki Dhoop Me
Jab Koie Saya Nahi Milta To Yaad Aati Hai Maa

Pyar Kehtai Hain Kisay Aur Mamta Kya Cheez Hai
Koie Un Bachoon Sai Poocheye Jin Ki Mar Jati Hai Maa

Dair Ho Jati He Ghar Aanai Main Aksar Jab Hamain
Rait Per Machli Ho Jaisay Aisay Ghabrati Hai Maa

Marte Dam Bacha Na Aapaye Agar Pardes Se
Apni Donoo Putliyaan Chokhat Pe Rakh Jati Hai Maa

  Ehsan: Raza Sahab tell us something about your family.

Raza :  I don’t usually talk about my family because it upsets people and myself. I don’t like troubling people with my problems. I have a daughter and a son who is affected by polio.

             “Maa ki furqat , baap ka gham, Aur jawan bete ka daagh,

              Naimatein maabood itni, ek mere dam ke liye,

              Ashq tou jitne bhi they, sab kar chuka pyaasoun ke naam,

              Abb tou aansoun bhi nahi apne kisi gham ke liye.”

 Bass this is my story in short. I consider all momineens children to be mine.

  Ehsan: Since when have you been doing shairi?

Raza Sahib :  It happened by chance, 30 years ago in Agra. I was there on business. In Qazi noorullah’s mazar there used to be a mehfil in the name of Imam Zainul Aabedeen.A.S. I also wanted to recite and got my name written. I had asked a few people to write a few verses for me so that I could recite. But, they did not write them, I was very disappointed. Then, a day before the mehfil, I was lying down on bed and I had a downpour of thoughts and verses. They just kept coming into my head. That day I wrote 70 verses. Since that time, there has not been a single day that goes by without a fresh collection of verses. I believe Mawla is accepting my kalaam and I have an audience, so the process has continued without a break.

  Ehsan: Do you remember your first verses?

Raza Sahib :   “Baagh-e-jinah dikhaegi ulfat Hussain ki,

               Dozakh mein phook degi adaawat Hussain ki”

  I have always tried to give a message and correct the children of my community. I have tried to give them values through my verses.

            “Chaye raho zamaane par aise Hussainiyo

              Kasrat pa jaise chayei thi  khillat Hussain ki,

               Kuch din ki sakhtiyan hain mohabbat mein dosto,

              Mehshar mein kaam ayegi ulfat Hussain ki.

              Shimr o Yazeed kal bhi they, iss dour mein bhi hain,

              Kal bhi thi, Aaj bhi hai zaroorat Hussain ki.”

 This was my first kalaam. It is by the grace of God that I haven’t used my talent as a source of my income.

Ehsan : Tell us about the books that have been published

Raza Sahib :  My first book was “Maa”, then “Maadar-e-mehrbaan”, and “Waseela-e-hayat”. My fourth book is “”Amaanat-e-Aala” i.e. azadaari. I am planning to write a book on behan- Tasweer-e-Maa-. Inshallah it will be released soon.

  Ehsan: Where have you travelled?

Raza Sahib: All over India, Mecca,Madina, Najaf, Koofa, Iran, Shaam, Jordan, and now UAE. I am traveling to Qatar soon. Inshallah I am hoping that my trips have been fruitful, we have to give account for all our acts.

            “Dena hai saans saans ka Allah ko hisaab

              yeh soonch kar jiyo ke paraaee hai zindagi.”

 Ehsan: Although all your ashaar are excellent which is your favourite?

Raza Sahib: For a shair his ashaar are like his children, they are all equally important to me. Personally I would consider those verses to be important which are accepted by the Maasoomeen A.S..

Ehsan: Do you write Nohas?

Raza Sahib: I have written numerous nohas and they are recited all over India. A boy from Bangalore called Irfan recites them well. 2 cassettes have been released of my kalaam. A 3rd cassette will be released this year. I also say “marsiya” . I have tried to include 2 marsiyas in every book.

 Ehsan: I have noticed that in your shairi there is a greater weightage of masayab. Why?

Raza: This is because we have been born to cry. The little that we smile is the sadqa of our maasoomeen (as).

Ehsan: Are there other shairs in your family?

Raza: No. And I also don’t call myself a shair, because I am not familiar with the intricacy of poetic grammar. I say what comes to my head. I am nothing compared to any shair.

  Ehsan:  What does your surname signify? I believe it’s a place.

Raza: Yes, Sirsi is a place in India. It has more than a hundred shair. Most of them  like Allama Qamar, Johar, Syed Sirsawi are very talented but because they live in a small place people are not aware of their talent. These people are unbeatable.

We also have a regular gathering called “Bazm-e- Misam” in which young children recite their kalaam.

Ehsan: How did you feel after reciting here.  Is there a difference?

Raza: Any where in the world all momineen are the same. Their habits, khuloos and deen is the same. We are all lovers of Mawla. People have  good akhlaq and listen to madha of mawla with interest. They praise us with an open heart. Although they are away from home they arrange these mehfils which is creditable.

  Ehsan: It is said that there is a lot of jealousy amongst poets. Would you like to comment.

Raza: I think jealousy is not personal between persons. It has more to do with someones talent. Any person who is gifted with a talent faces this emotion from others. I think this is a blame on shoara. I don’t get jealous and so I don’t think that others also get jealous.

Ehsan:Would you like to give any naseehat?

Raza: I am myself muhtaj of naseehat. I am not worthy of giving advise. I was very happy to meet you. I hope that this silsa that you have started of majaalis continues inshallah by the grace of the Almighty. Aameen.