There have been many women who have made an everlasting attribute on the history of civilization and society. They have been great in various characters. Yet one lady contributed more than any other woman did. She had all the great and good features of the women. Her eloquence of speech, her courage and special skills, her loving kindness towards her noble father, husband and children are the best qualities found in her. She rose above the weak distractions of this life and is definitely the best example for all the women.

This women whom I am honoring and respecting is no one else than Bibi Fatima (A.S.), the daughter of Prophet Mohammed, the wife of Imam Ali (A.S.) and the mother of Hassan, Hussein, Zainab and Umme Kulthoom. In the shelter of her father and in the lap of her pure and noble mother, Khadijah Binte Khuwailid, Fatima (A.S.) was born in Mecca on Friday 20th Jamadi uthani. She had the spirits of the Holy Prophet, his qualities and principles. She was possessing of life, honor, beauty, living under her father’s care. It was such a unique relationship that it made Prophet’s later wife Ayesha, marvel at it and say,

“When Fatima (A.S) came in the room to see the Prophet, he would rise to his feet, take her, kiss her, and seat her where he was seated.

  Many people approached our Prophet, asking for Bibi Fatima’s hand in marriage.  Umar and Abu Bakr were included among those.  However, the Holy Prophet would say to these people, “This matter is yet not divinely settled.”  Finally, Imam Ali (A.S.), the son of Imran (Abu Taleb), asked for Fatima’s hand in marriage.  On this matter, the Prophet was extremely delighted.  Bibi Fatima married Ali and gave birth to four children.  She married Ali (A.S.) for his faith, and high principles, not for wealth, money and luxuries of the world.

     The Holy Prophet died 11 years after the migration, and very soon, our noble Bibi, joined him in the afterlife.  Fatima (A.S.) left this world with pain and grief, leaving her children to be brought up by their father, Ali (A.S.). 

     She was indeed one of the greatest Islamic personalities that had ever existed on this earth. 


   Submitted by: Umme Kulsoom Ali.

Age: 13.                                                           


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