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Monthly Aamaal

In this section I have tried to collect all the monthly aamaal for the benefit for those who do not know how to read Arabic. It is essential for us to recite duas. In Quran Allah(Swt) says

"When my creatures ask you ('O Mohammad ) about me, tell them that I am very near to them. When they call Me in their prayers , I hear them and answer their prayers..." (Al-Baqarah, 2:186). 

Namaz Timetable For Dubai
Eid-Ul-Fitr Mubarak & Aamaal
Aamaal Of Shab-E-Meraj
Monthly Aamaal
Aamaal of important dates


Our Shia world sways between mourning and festivities. After the ups and downs in the month of Rajab it is time for the Jashans.  In Shabaan. Every year this Jashan, Jashan-E-Masoomin(AS) is a great event for all, as we call Maroof Shaers like Mohammad Ali Wafa, Agha Sarosh, Rasheed Shahidi, Raza sirsavi etc.  more...

About my Husband

Poets Of Ahlul Bait

On this site I have written about a few poets who dedicated their life to Ahlul Baith (A.S). No doubt Mir Babar Ali Anis and Mirza Salamat Ali Dabir (much is said and written about them) are the foremost in this line of poetry but there are some who also dedicated their life to this cause. I would like to mention the poets who are popular only in this century.  The name of Mesum-E-Tammar another Sahabi of our Moula Ali (AS) is not very popular. He was the one who was martyred reciting qasidas (Praising) of Moula Ali (AS).  So by collecting these poetry and life histories of some of the poets, I feel that I am doing justice in the cause of Mesum-E-Tammar. more...
Index Of The Poets

Sureh Fatiha requested for all marhoomin especially for Dr.Ehsan's Family and my Family

We feel pleasure to announce that we have established a marriage bureau for Shia community in Toronto. Our marriage bureau is free of cost. We have proposals from USA, Canada, England and Pakistan. Plz Contact: 1- 416-546-7928




Whats New
We condemn the Bombing attack at Sa'marra, Iraq(22/02/06) on the shrine of our 10th and 11th imams, Hazrat Ali Al-Hadi (AS), and his son Hazrat Hassan Al-Askari (AS).

Shahadat Imam Ali (AS)
Majalis Of Imam Ali(as) from Dr. Ehsan's Recidence 2006
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Soz-o-Salaam By Ehsan

Syed Rahat Kazmi (Zaki) is a young man from Joli Muzaffar Nagar (U.P), India. He is studying religion in Syeda Zainab(SA) Hawza   nohas

      Nazeer Baqri   Is a famous Shair from India, Muradabad which is often known as "Peetal Nagri" U.P. His birth place is  Ikrotia Saadat.  Interview