An Interview With Rehan Azmi


  He is known around the Urdu speaking masses of the world as Rehan Azmi but his real name is Syed Rehan Abbas.He was born in 1958 in Liaqatabad, Karachi (inside Imam Barghah ).He is a Lecturer in group of Ali Ali School and is in charge of Urdu Department. He has done his Masters in Urdu and Politics.

He was here in UAE for the first time for Jashan-E-Masoomin and I had the opportunity to interview him.

When did you started to write ?

I started to write Ghazals and Geeth in the year 1972. And since 1982 to 1987 I have written 4000 songs for Pakistan Television. 

How was the atmosphere at your house?

 Well the atmosphere at our house was very religious and Literary. My father's interest in the Urdu Literature helped me a lot, although he did not write poetry. 

How did you started to write Nohas and Salaams? Who encouraged you?

In my house there was office of Anjuman-E-Tanzeenul Hussain ( Nasir Zaidi ). I was encouraged by Anees Peharsai to write Nohas and I wrote my first Noha in 1974, the starting verse of the Noha was :-

"Kahan ho gulshane Zehra ke baghban Abbas

Wafa ka kehte hain sub tumko asman Abbas"

Do you think anyone can write poetry?

No, it is not possible for anyone to write any kind of poetry as it a blessing from Allah (atha)

When and why you stopped writing Ghazals, Geeth and songs ?

Due to the pressure from the Momineen I stopped writing Ghazals etc. since 1988.

How many Nohas do You write every year ?

I write Nohas for nearly 200 hundred Tanzeems and I have to write more then 600 Nohas  every year.

What Hadiya do you take for the Nohas?

I am proud that I do not charge any thing .I am blessed with Sadqa of the children of Ahlal Bait and Masoonin (AS)

You write so many Nohas , your name should come in Guinness book of World Records

It did , in 1977  Guinness book of Records my name is mentioned as the 7th fastest writer of poetry.

Have you been out of Pakistan?

Yes, I have visited America, Korea, U.K , Iran, Iraq, India, Russia, China, Germany, Canada and now United Arab Emirates.

How many of your books has been published?

Seven of my books have been puplished. The names of the books are: Ek Ansoo main Karbala,  Gam,  Manzar  Ba Manzar Karbala,  Rehane Aza, Azakhana,  Samane Shifaat and Khawab Se Tabeer Tak.

What are your tittles?

Some of the tittles bestowed up on me are, Rehane-E-Aza, Adab Ka Concord, Computer, Hussaini Fax Machine, Anees-e-Sani etc.

What will be your next Puplication?

Now I am translating "Sahifa-E-Sajjadiya" in poetry. It will be puplished in 2 - 3 months.

Tell us something about your family.

I have a wife and three children, Sulaiman Azmi 13 years, Masoom Azmi 9 years and Arsalan Azmi 3 years.

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