•                     With Father 

      Ehsan's father was in Azamjahi mills, inspite of a limited income and a large family he had enrolled all his children in a convert school called "All Saints" in Hyderabad. Ehsan often talks of how his father used to take 3-4 children to school on one bike and how all of them used to get a box of sweets after their father collected their progress report from school. His 'mamma' played her part on the domestic front. We often remember how she managed to make 50-60 chapatis for breakfast and Tiffin early in the morning!

    All the brothers were good athletes and had a good physique  to go with the good appetite. At one time four of them were there together  in the school football team!!  

    Introducing Ehsan 

            Ehsan -Ullah Sajanlal is the fifth son in a large typical Indian family .He grew up in Hyderabad with all his siblings .They lived in Mallapally and had a memorable childhood .After   so many sons his mother had wanted a girl and so his first few months were spent wearing frocks and fulfilling his moms wish. But his mother did have two daughters after him and so the family was complete after 8 children.  

    Always a winner

      It was the result of their fathers efforts and their determinations that in spite of the hardships and financial limitations they are all well educated.



        Ehsan has had the honor of receiving the famous HIND RATNA AWARD for NRI'S. He has been selected from among 30 people from all over the world for this award ..we will be going to New Delhi in January InshAllah to receive the award .


    The Sacred Bond Of Marriage

      We got married in 1972 on the 12th of February , in Hyderabad  at a very young age when Ehsan  just finished his final M.B.B.S exams and  I was only 18 years old. We got married in a typical traditional style  with all the festivities and  celebrations that go with Indian weddings . In those days we were staying in Warangal ,for the wedding we came to   Hyderabad .. to Wahid Manzil  our ancestral house . I left with my husband to my in-laws house in Mallapally ..we stayed there for a few months with the rest of the members as a joint family  for a few months till Ehsan got his call from the Army and he left for Lucknow ..his first posting.

    In The Army- The Good Old Days

                             Best officer in Drill

    With other officers

    During his final year in college Ehsan was receiving the basic pay of a 2nd lieutenant of the army .soon after passing the exams he informed the army and they posted him in Lucknow ,where our first child Rashu was born .In Lucknow Ehsan completed his internship at the Base Hospital and led a very active life ..participated in a number of activities and was also the Captain of the football team ..he took the team for a tournament to Missouri. He was also awarded the best officer in drill at BMOC (Basic Medical Officers Camp). 

       Ehsan's second posting was in Ranchi -Bihar where he was promoted to the post of  a Captain of the AMC or the Army Medical Corp . Our stay was quite an experience since we spent most of our stay in army tents!!!  The housing ,bathrooms as well as the clinic itself was all in tents . We were in Bihar for a year .

    In front of the tents where we use to live

    Party in the mess (in a tent)

    Taking part in Dance Drama

    The Qawalli group

      His next posting was a Field ( Border) Posting and Ehsan was among the B.R.T.F or the Border Road Task Force. Since the project was more of the Government than the Army he was allowed to keep his family and we shifted to Mizoram ,a beautiful hilly area of the far east India. Here Ehsan was the Commanding Officer for the Field Hospital for 3 years from 1974-1977 .While we were in Mizoram our second child Mehdi Abbas was born (in Hyderabad). Ehsan continued to be an active athlete and was the Champion in Badminton and Table-tennis.

    Border roads hospital

    After the badminton match

      Our Stay In Iran

      Ehsan left the Army in 1977 and came to Hyderabad for a year where he worked at St.Theresa's missionary hospital for a year and in a clinic during the evenings .

    ehsaniran.JPG (62238 bytes)

    In front of Roza of Imam Raza (A.S)

    ehsaniran1.JPG (53901 bytes)

     Iran's Winter

        Soon a call came from Iran because of his services as an Ex-Serviceman for a post there ,where he was in charge of the Primary Health Center, accommodation was provided but due to the lack of schooling facilities I stayed back with the kids in Hyderabad and went there for holidays .Ehsan stayed in Iran for a good two years and then we shifted to Guyana South America.

         In The Wilderness Of Guyana (South -America)

    Ehsan was not happy in Iran because he missed his family and since there were no proper schools in Iran ,he couldn't call us there permanently .An opportunity came when a friend suggested he try for a posting in South -America .Ehsan applied and was called immediately .By the time he resigned the Iran -Iraq war had started ,on one hand was the pressure by the South Americans to join them and on the other hand was a complete block for getting out of the country as all the airports were sealed and no flights were available .So we decided to leave by ship and go to Russia !!  We reached Baku in Russia and then went to Moscow ,from there  we left for Delhi and then Hyderabad to pick up the kids.

    Port of Baku (Russia)

    On the basis of the information given by our friend we left for our long journey to South America ...long because we first went to Bombay-Delhi -New York-Miami-Trinidad finally reaching George town Guyana in 1980. After such a long trip the first sight of George town was a big disappointment! We were not even in the capital but in a small mining village called "Linden ".            

    Enjoying the water

    Fishing in the river 

            There was a vacancy in a mining Co. in Guyana called Guyana mining Establishment .Professionally Ehsan's job was pretty good he got to manage the whole hospital and do minor surgeries independently for quite some time. But there was a major problem of Law and Order in that place along with a lot of mugging and the schools were also not satisfactory . On the whole we were not very happy and decided to leave in 1982. Before we left we took a break and went holidaying to the U.S

    In those days only Muzaffar bhai,Hasan mamu and Ali were in the U.S. We spent 3 weeks with them and then left for Hyderabad .

      Ehsan's brother Inayat bhai was in Dubai in those days and Ehsan requested him to arrange for a visit visa .On our way back we decided to perform ziaarat and went to Iraq via Barbados where we spent a whole day sight seeing .From Barbados we went to London and stayed there with my uncle Hussain mamu for two days and also visited my Aunt Banu Khala at Birmingham and then left for Baghdad ..the war was still on there were firings and blackouts but we managed to perform ziaarat and went to Kazmain ,Najaf, Karbala and Samara .There were still no flights from Iraq so we went to Kuwait via Basra by road and from Kuwait we went to Delhi and then Hyderabad .

       Settled In The U.A.E

    First look at Dubai

    Ehsan immediately left for Dubai after we came  to Hyderabad .It was the year 1982 ,Feburary .Settling here in Dubai was not easy ,it took a lot of time and Ehsan was cheated quite a few times by various people he had worked with . His first job was only on paper ,all the facilities promised were not available the salary was not given on time and he struggled alone for a whole year . The only good thing he got out of that job were two visit visa's !!Then he got a job in Sharjah Medical Center where he worked for 1and 1/2 year again with irregular pay but by this time I had joined him with the kids and we managed .

        His next job was with a famous doctor here who paid him on time but was malpracticing !! Ehsan couldn't work with him because of his crooked ways and left him too .He was offered a job in Al -Zahra Hospital where he was cheated again .They kept him on a low income basis He worked there for 2 years and tried to run a clinic in Sharjah who was totally in the hands of a hired dentist who cheated him all over again and so the clinic was a failure and was closed .During his stay in Al Zahra, Ehsan was contacted by Ahmed Esfandyar the present owner of the clinic where Ehsan works now. Since then he has been working in the Esfadyar Polyclinic and we have come a long way .

       The main change in our lives concerned our growing involvement with the religious activities especially during Muharram ,which gradually grew and we started having Majalis at our house every Thursday and on all the important Islamic dates .The Muharram activities started and now we have Majalis at our house every day till the 8th of Rabi-ulawwal.

            An Unexpected Blessing 

     Our lives changed once again with the unexpected birth of our youngest daughter Sakina- Umme -Abiha  in 1992!!! Suddenly there was a new baby in the house and our lives changed once again in an attempt to keep up with all our activities and a baby whom we all loved .Its been a good eight years since then and a lot has happened ,our baby is growing up to be an intelligent girl  with all the qualities that go with 8 year olds .

       During this time Rashu was doing her Dentistry in India and I shifted in with her for 2 years towards the end of her studies .After that she came back to Dubai and Mannu went to India and joined Dentistry too .

          Our First Born Builds Her Nest 

    In 1996 our first born flew away to build her own nest .She got married to Mir  Humayun Ali in Hyderabad and immediately left for the U.S to join her husband .Humayun is an Environmental Engineer  living in California .They have a beautiful daughter now -Aleena who is also quite grown up in all her three years .Rashu has joined college again and is doing Advanced Dentistry in the U.S.

       Mehdi Abbas Gets Married 

     The years flew by and it was soon time for Mehdi to get married ..he got married in 1999 to Asma Zaidi .The wedding took place in Dubai on the 21st of August .Mehdi still had his internship left and it reminded me of our wedding ..Ehsan had also completed his internship after we got married .Recently we have become Grandparents once again after Asma and Mehdi had a baby girl this September .We named her Zakeeya Zahra after Bibi Fatima's laqab which means chaste and pure.

    Dr.Ehsanullah Sajanlal 

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