Jashan-E-Masoomin (A.S) 2002

By Asma Abbas

Our Shia world sways between mourning and festivities. After the ups and downs in the month of Rajab it was suddenly time for the Jashan-E-Masoomin ( AS). Till the last day we were not sure of our guest shiar could attend and grace our jashan. But of course with the help of Bibi Zehra (SA) amd Masoomin (AS) this year's guest Mesum Gopalpuri arrived just in time. His  visa was rejected twice and even then he had not been allowed to board on the flight (at Bombay). He finally arrived on Thursday just a day before the Jashan.

The Imambarghah Ali Raza (AS) was beautifully decorated for  the Jashan by the help of the Imambarghah's organizers. We are grateful to them for their help and corporation. A dias was put up for Mesum, since he likes to recite while standing.

The Jashan stared with Hadis-E-Kisa by Abid followed by Qasidas recited by Fayyaz (Hussain agaye hain), Hyder (Hum Hussain wale hai) and then daddy with his usual Khuda ka pyara Nabi ka dilber. This added Josh to the mehfil and warmed the people for the coming kalaam.

The Imambarghah was packed with people both in the men and ladies section. Shujaat Abbas Introduced Mesum with the following verse--

Ali ki maddah ka youn haq ada kiya tune
           Ke kati zabaan se jame wila piya tune

Buland ho gayi awaaz is liye Mesum
          Ke faraze daar ko mimber bana liya tune

Mesum than started his sha'ery with the following verse---

Ali se pehle Ibadath ka Intezaam na tha
         Adab Rasool ka Khaliq ka Ehteraam na tha

Namaz hoti bhi qayam tho kis tharha hoti
         Khuda ka ghar to bana tha magar Imam na tha


Mesum has a captivating style of reciting his kalaams. he proved  to be a good leader and succeeded in arousing and getting daath (appreciation) from the mehfil. The whole Imambarghah was in an uproar  after his shiars.

I have added a few of my favourite shers--

Sar kufr ka takra ke jahan choor hua hai 
         Tamir-e-Payambar ki woh diwar Ali hai

Tho apne safineh ko hai kis baat ka khatra
         Is paar Mohammad hai tho us paar Ali hai


Sehne Alaam mein bhi maujud hai yese bandhe
          Jinke hathoan me Khuda apni raza deta hai

Woh kisi ke bhi utane se nahi utsakta 
           Jis ko Abbas nighaon se gira deta hai 



Mesum recited for nearly two and a half hours and by the end his josh was also at peak and he was sweating profusely - which is the sign of Mesum being i full mood of reciting his Ashar. The entire mehfil was echoing with Nare Hyderi.

On the ladies side too they enjoyed his kalaam. I even spied a few ladies jotting down verses on pieces of paper. One of them have been prepared with a diary.

The Jashan ended with a few verses on the martydom of Hazrath Ali Asghar and Imam Hussain (AS). The mood of the entire mehfil, which was shouting for joy, suddenly changed to tears and we all wept for our moula who has sacrificed his family to save Islam for us. At the end Moulana Safder Hadi Sahab ended the Jashan with Duas to all momin, whereever in the world especially momineen of U.A.E

The Jashan was followed by a scrumptious dinner. The menu was as every year a delicious biryani, raita, bagare baighan followed by double ka mitta  (shahi tukde).

This years contributers for the Jashan are as follows.

We thank Allah (S.W.T) and Masoomin (A.S) and all Momineen and mominaat who helped to make the Jashan a splendid succecces.

Mesum Gopalpuri, Ehsan, Saber Bhai , Nazeer Bhai & co. Safder Hadi Saheb ending with duas

Interview with Mesum Gopalpuri

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