Jashan-E-Masoomin (A.S) 2004

By Asma Abbas                











For this year's Jashan we had invited Raza Sirsawi from India. Raza Sirsawi is a pious, simple man from the small town of Sirsi UP India. His kalaam had a magnetism which kept his audience entranced for more than 2 hours!! (standing and without a drop of water!!) Mashallah, even towards the end, his voice had the same force and passion.

          The venue was Imam-Bargah-e-Ali Raza(a.s) in Sharjah. The whole Imam Bargah was decorated by the caretakers. But, this time the decoration for the dais was done thoughtfully and had a personal touch which added to the grandeur of the evening.    

                                     Hadees-e-Kisa was recited by Abid Bhai, followed by qaseedas recited by Dr. Ehsan, Khadim bhai, Akbar bhai. The compereing was done by Nazir bhai.

          Raza bhai started his kalaam by qaseedas in the madha of Hazrat Ali A.S, Hazrat Abu Talib A.S, Imam Hassan A.S, Bibi Zainab S.A and Imam Hussain A.S. Each and every verse in the kalaam was worth every minute spent. Every verse touched the hearts of the audience and reduced them to tears. As the time passed, it seemed that each verse was better than the previous one. The verses had anecdotes, morals, history and madha of the masoomeen A.S. Towards the end of the jashan Raza bhai recited his famous poem "Maa". Once again the whole audience were in tears. They felt as if the verses that were being recited reflected an image of their mothers. The poem had moral values for daughters, sons and daughter in laws. It reflected the feelings of a mother and her restlessness and deep concern for her children.

          Since I have no words to describe the beauty of his verses, I will rewrite some of the qat'aat and leave you to be the judge and hopefully with the thirst of listening to more.

           Koi kehta hai ke talwaar se phela Islaam
          Koi kehta hai ke kirdaar se phela Islaam
          Jo yeh kehta hai Mohd(saw) ka muhaafiz kaafir
          Kyoun nahin kehta ke kuffar se phela Islaam
          Gham ko bidaat bata ke poochte hain
          Kis ko rote ho ab kahan hai Hussain
          Maar kar haath apne seenoun par
          Ham bataatei hain ab yahan hain Hussain


On Hazrat Abu Talib:

          Pila kar khoon apna jo Mohammad(swa) ko jawaan kar de
          Use kaafir bataate hain musalmaan aqal hairan hai
          Raza sadiyoun se aati hai yeh awaaze Abutalib
          Musalmaanoun bataao kiska beta kulle Eeman hai


On Bibi Zainab:

…….Boli ke dhardkanoun ko sambhaaloungi baad mein
          Maajaayei teera sog mana lounge baad mein
          Sar par bhi rida apne mein daaloungi baad mein
          Beemar Sajjad tere khaar nikaloungi baad mein
          Pehle, yazeediyat ki kalaai marord doun
          Bay'at ko jo haath bardhaaya tha tord doun.
          Allah ne jab saare kamaalaat bana ye
          Tab panjetane paak ki tasweer bani hai
          In paanchoun ki seerat ko jab ek jism mein dhaala
          Tab jaa ke kahin Zainab-e-dilgeer bani hai

Those who wish to hear the jashan, the video is available at Imam barghah Ali Raza (as) Sharjah. You can also listen to it on –http://www.yazehra.com  (soon InshAllah). The poem on "Maa" is also available on the same website.

I like to mention a few words about the niyaz too.It was cooked by a Hyderabadi cook Khachchi Akhni ki Biryani, Dahi ki chatni, Bagare baigan and Double ka mitta (specialties of Hyderabad ). This time the serving so too good specially in ladies. Thanks for the efforts of the staff of Imambarghah. 

Special thanks to Saber bhai and Shakir bhai.

After the jashan we have been having a continuous silsila of jashans where Raza Sarsawi sahib entertains us with his kalaam. What is surprising is that he doesn’t ever need a book to remind him of the hundreds of verses he recites. Moreover even his daily life conversations are in the form of Shaairi. He says that these verses keep coming to him as a continuous flow of thoughts. It is a gift bestowed to him by the Almighty as a small token, for reciting kalaam in the love of Ahle bait.

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