An Interview with Mesum Rizvi Gopalpuri

Shayars  and reciters who comes to Dubai have such a hectic schedule that interviewing them gets to be a real tough job. Yet, 'amongst all the dawats and Jashans' daddy (Dr.Ehsan) managed to get a few personal details out of him

As his name suggests Mesum Gopalpuri was born in Gopalpur Sevan, Bihar. His name is really Mesum Rizvi. Even though his fame and shairi suggest otherwise Mesum is quite young, reaching his late twentys.

He started writing at a very early age almost a decade ago. He was motivated and impressed by a poet whose title ( Taqallus ) was Barbaadh (although there is no poet in his family) to start writing himself.

At present Parvez Shirazi Sahib is a source of encouragement . He has written more than thousand kalaams. Mesum's first Kalaam was

"Sab se aalaa sab se afzal mere Ali ka ruthba hai
          Masjid me payi shahadat jaye wiladath Kaaba hai"

Mesum Gopalpuri has been dually blessed with a sharp mind as well as a melodious voice. He has been reciting Nohas since he was six years old, and has always been active in azadari.

At his young age his physical appearance is ample proof of his prosperity, enforced with the fact that he got tied up in marital vows just recently ( about one and a half year ago). He comes from a large family of seven brothers and two sisters.

An educated Advocate from Shia Higher College (Lucknow) his future life holds much promise (InshaAllah). May he always be blessed by Allah (S.W.T) and the Masoomin (A.S) to reach the hightest maqam in this life and hereafter.

Mesum Sahab is residing and practicing Law in Alhabaad India. His aim is to spread poetry of Ahlul-Bait (A.S) in each corner of the world, wherever momin are present.

His favourite shair is

"Na yahan par mile na wahan par mele
          Mange Fitrus par wahan par jahan par mile"

Some of his popular geets- "Agayi woh raat" and "Alif se ye tak"

By Asma Abbas