Jashan-E-Masoomin (A.S) 2006


                                                             Mohammad Ali Wafa           Syed Nazeer Baqri

Ehle wila ne aise Manaya Jashn-E-Masoomin
Duniya ki nazron me samaya Jashn-E-Masoomin
Ithni kashish iske andar hai dekho Mir Nazeer
Sharjah tum ko bhi le aaya Jashn-E-Masoomin

Like every year this year too there was a big crowd. The Imambarghah was packed with people  in the men  section.  For this year's Jashan we had invited Syed Nazeer Baqri  from India.   The venue was Imam-Bargah-e-Ali Raza (a.s)  Sharjah. The whole Imambargah was decorated by the caretakers. Like every year this year too the decoration for the dais was done with great consideration which added to the grandeur of the evening. Babban Bhai (Zahoor Bilgirami) the bani-e-Jashan takes great pleasure in displaying his banner.

Hadees-e-Kisa was recited by Abid Bhai, followed by qaseedas recited by  Fayaz bhai, Hyder bhai and Dr. Ehsan. The compering was done by Ameer Bhai

But above all the surprise of the evening was Wafa Saab. Mohammad Ali Wafa surprised everyone this year.( as due to some unavoidable circumstances he couldn't come last year. ). He recited his kalaam with the same  captivating style, and kept the crowd in trance.

Syed Nazeer Baqri Sahib started his Kalam with above mentioned verse. He has written this specially for the Jashan. His style was entirely different than other shairs. As usual this year too Allah (SWT) has given us toufiq to call a shair who has been all over the world, except UAE.

As per every year the niyaz was cooked by a Hyderabadi cook. Khachchi Akhni ki Biryani,  Bagare baigan and Double ka mitta (specialties of Hyderabad ). This time the serving was good specially in ladies. Thanks for the efforts of the staff of Imambargah. 

Special thanks to Saber bhai and Shakir bhai and their families.




Interview Nazeer Baqri
Interview Mohd Ali Wafa