Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

      The forgotten Ayat, the Ayat which was misunderstood, the Ayat that was misinterpreted – is the 59th Ayat of Surat Al Nisa. This is one of the many misunderstood Ayats – a great tragedy for the majority of the Muslim race of this world. The misinterpretation of this Ayat has resulted in the formation of the 73 divisions among the Muslims.

Of all these, there is only one set of people walking on the right path. And these are the people who have got the right understanding of the Ayat.

Let me now state the translation of the Ayat before I proceed any further.

“Oh, ye who believe! Obey God and obey His Apostle and those vested with authority from among you……..”

When the Surat ul Nisa was brought down, Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari, companion of Our Prophet, asked the Prophet (AS) who these Ulil Amr were. Our Prophet replied that His Successors were the Ulil Amr. The question that now arises is – Who are the Ulil Amr?

They are surely the fourteen Masoomeen. This is one thought presented by the Shia Commentators. But the Sunni commentators say that any one on this earth who has any authority is one of the Ulil Amr. If we follow this thought then the tyrants, the evil doers, and the mischief makers on this earth are all Ulil Amr just because they are powerful! This we can’t accept. Allah who is so Kind and Just can never expect us to obey the evil doers. The only ones He can expect us to obey after Himself and our Rasool (AS) are the other 13 Masoomeen .

Today, therefore the Muslim world is divided, each to their Ulil Amr.

Presented by Mohammad Ali Mirza

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful

I begin with the quotation of Ayat 33 of Surat Al Ahzab, where Allah has promised to keep every kind of impurity and uncleanness away from the Ahlul Bait, and purify them with a thorough Purification.

This Ayat is of great significance in relation to the tafseer of the Ayat that is in discussion today – i.e. ayat 59 of Surat An Nisa.

Every Muslim believes in One God – Allah, and His Messenger, Mohammad AS. With out this belief no one can call himself / herself a Muslim. In spite of this unity in thought, there are 73 sects in the Islamic World today. Why?????

Ayat 59 of Surat An Nisa says,

“Oh, ye who believe! Obey Allah and obey His Apostle and those vested with authority from among you……..”

The root of all difference in opinion lies in a man’s interpretation of who the Ulil Amr or ‘those vested with authority’ are. There are two different thoughts on this. According to one thought, Ulil Amr, or those in authority, are perceived as the Caliphs who came to power after the death of Our Prophet AS. According to this theory, Ulil Amr includes people like Yazid who were merciless tyrants and are hated by most of the Muslim World. Allah, being All Wise, would never ask His believers to give their obedience to a Tyrant or the one who is unjust or inhuman.

The followers of the second thought are those who believe that the Ulil Amr are the 14 Infallibles, who were the true successors of the Prophet, who led pious and truthful lives, obeying Allah and His Prophet.

Above all, Quran says, (33:33, quoted above) Allah has promised to keep the Ahlul Bait away every impurity. Thus, who but They could be the Ulil Amr??

In the The Quraan, Allah has, in many ways, and in many places, tried to tell people to contemplate, to think. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to analyze what he hears or reads, and accept the interpretations which satisfy his mind and at the same time agree with the Quraan.

At this point another question arises. It is more than twelve hundred years since our Last Imam (AS) went into Ghaibat. We today, are ruled by different kinds of leaders – both Muslim and Non Muslim. What should our attitude towards them be?

Prepared and presented by Sana Fatima

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

“Oh, ye who believe! Obey God and obey His Apostle and those vested with authority from among you……..”


Here, Allah demands obedience to Himself, His Prophet, and the Ulil Amr, or those vested with the Authority. The Ulil Amr are the Ones we must follow by Allah’s Command. This Ayat was forgotten by the people after the death of Our Prophet (PBUH) The wrong choices were made, and the Islamic world was divided. People followed the powerful, thinking that they were the Ulil Amr. This was due to the misinterpretation of the term Ulil Amr, This Ayat is extremely educative and explains what a true Momin’s responsibility is.

Allah does not permit us to obey a tyrant. Anyone can’t be the Ulil Amr just because they are in power. On this earth they may be ruling but that does not make them the Ulil Amr.

Yazeed who was a tyrant, was also a Caliph. That did not make him the Ulil Amr. To day Saddam is ruling over Iraq. He is powerful. Can we call him the Ulil Amr? Allah does not want his momineen to obey a tyrant.

It is up to us to think carefully before we decide who the Ulil Amr are.

The Ulil Amr have to possess all the qualities possessed by Our Prophet. They have to be Honest, Just, Kind, Pious, Trustworthy and true followers and representatives of Allah and the Prophet.

The 14 Infallibles are the only ones who have all these qualities, and they are the ones we must follow.

Prepared and inserted by Insha Fatima

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