Jashan-E-Masoomin ( AS )


Hyder Bhai and Sathi reciting Qasida, "Hum Hussain Wale Hai"

Ehsan and Sathi reciting "Khuda Ka Pyara Nabi Ka Dilber Ali Ali Hai"

Mehmaan Shaaer from Pakistan

Rehan Azmi

Sibte E Jaffar

This year Jashan-E-Masoomin was a great event for the Sharjah Momineen .Every year Babban Bhai (Zahoor Hasan) use to hold Jashan at our place ( Dr.Ehsan ).This is the second time that the Jashan was held at Imam Barghah-E-Ali Raza Sharjah (UAE) The first time was when Qaiser Barwi (Marhoom, please recite a Sureh Fathiha for him) recited the Jashan.The Jashan was out of this world.Although the Jashan lasted till 3 O'clock in the morning , Qaiser Barwi Saheb kept the audience in full Josh and they wanted more and more. 

Every year this Jashan, "Jashan-E-Masoomin is a great event for us all as we call Maroof Shaers like Mohammad Ali Wafa, Agha Sarosh, Rasheed Shahidi, Qaiser Barwi etc. 

This year Moulana Hasan Zafar Saheb suggested to call Rehan Azmi and Sibte Jaffar. Although Rehan Azmi has been around the world but this was his first vist in UAE. As he has a lot of fans here and almost all girls recite his Nauhas(In Moharram) he is a popular guy over here. Sibte Jaffar is also quite popular due to his Qasida "Jab Imam Ayengheh" and also because his father Rahee Jahangirabadi  was a great man and a poet in UAE.

The Jashan Started With Hadees-E-Kisa recited by Qurram Bhai and three Hyderabadi Style Qasidas recited by Hyder Bhai and Ehsan ( and co.). Then Rehan Azmi took over the Jashan with a storm. He was so loud and clear that the mike decided  he doesn't need it, and it went quiet. Babban Bhai and Saber bhai together mend the mike and when Sibte Jaffar came next it worked properly as he is a very calm and quiet person. On the whole it was really great. Momineen enjoyed a lot. Thanks to the management of Imam Barghah Ali Raza everything went on well. Then the main part-Niyaz was served. Here too there was a little gadbad in the ladies as I believe many ladies left without eating. It was due to the rush in the mardana side, it always happens as men think they should serve first men as it is mardana Jashan, but they forget that ladies come because they are invited too.

A personal interview with Rehan Azmi