Syed Rahat Abbas Zaki Kazmi

      Zaki is a young man from Joli in district Muzaffar Nagar (U.P), India. He is studying religion in Syeda Zainab(SA) Hawza under the guidance of Hujjat Ul Islam Syed Ali Naqi Zaidi ..

On our recent trip to Syria, we met Maulana Ali Naqi Zaidi, who told us about Zaki and shared with us a few nauhas he had recited ... 

We really liked them and his style of reciting so we invited the Maulana and Zaki for dinner where we asked Zaki to recite a few nauhas  which we recorded and we even asked him about his background ... he told us that,he always had an interest in writing poetry since a very young age and AlhamdulilAllah he has written a lot of poetry due to this keen interest of his.

And when he was in India, he recorded 6 cassettes

 Then he came to Syria to study Shariah.

Zaki also recites  majlises at religious gatherings and is a very good student of Maulana Ali Naqi Zaidi.

Zaki's Kalam In His Own Voice

Mujhe pehchan lo Illah

 Aye baba raat aagayi

 Aya hai Abbas ka Alam

 Mere Bhayya Ali Akber

 Ye gham-e-Hussain

 Karbala jab jana

 Ghash me pade hai Abid

Ke haq ka sar ounch hai

Noor-E-Panjetan ki

Majlis-E-Shah me ankhon se