Allah the Almighty Lord

A is for Allah the Almighty Lord

B for the Beneficence He has bestowed

C is for the Compassionate Care he takes of us

D is for Dear Master so generous

E is for His Existence Eternal

F is for the Forgiveness He grants unconditional

G is for the Greatness that is His

H is for Helper, a Donor of bliss

I is for Incomparable, Ideal beyond Imagination,

J is for Justice, tempered with compassion

K is for Kindness a virtue so noble

L is for Love, for Life he has enabled

M is for Mercy He has for Man

N is for Nature, which was His plan

O! Great Master, hear our prayer

Punishment from You is out despair

Quell not our Hope, let it shine like a torch,

Reveal the Right Path, Oh Refuge of the lost

Safeguard us from evil, Oh Supreme, Oh Sublime

Teach us to be gentle, be honest and kind.

Unite us together, and with warm love bind

Verily You are the Greatest, Oh Master! in Might

We worship and adore You, for that is Your Right!

Xcuse our sins, Lord, and pardon our faults

You are the One we love above all

Zealously we thank You for everything for All.

Afshan Ali