Rasheed Shaheedi

Rasheed shaheedi is a well known personality in the literary circles of Shia poets of Hyderabad and all around India. He was born in the year 1948 on 20th December in an eminent family of poets. (especially sha'iraan-e-Ahlebait (AS) ). His Grandfather Nawab Shaheed Yaar Jung was a great poet and his father Saeed Shahidi followed his footsteps. On his maternal side too, there were sha'irs. His great granddad Syed Asgar Hussein (Naji), whose nohas are still being recited in Hyderabad, was a popular poet of his time. And his granddad Syed Sakhawat Hussain Majid, his uncle Hussain Shaheedi( who use to write in hindi) were also famous poets. His mother and sister also wrote salaams, nohas, manqabat etc. At present Rasheed sahib is employed in the State Government of A.P, Hyderabad.

Since he was recently in Sharjah, I had the opportunity to interview him personally. I was able to ask him a few questions.

(Q) When did you started writing Sha'ery  and what was your first kalaam?

(A) I started sha'ery in the year 1966 0r '67. Every year we have 'musalama' in the memory of our great granddad Syed Asgar Hussain Naji, so in that year the tarah was :

"Khusha qismet ke ham shabbeer per ansoo bahate hain" 

I was very interested, I started writing and wrote three verses. I showed them to my mother. She was very much impressed. When my father came home, she showed him my salaam. In the beginning he did not believe it. But my mom convinced him that I had written it. He then did Islah (correction) of  a few verses( which was not much). They were as follows---

           Kabhi maddhe Ali hai aur kabhi Shabbir ka matam
         Kabhi hum muskurathe hain kabhi ansoo bahate hai

Sakina ne kaha ye chonk kar gash se Khudahafiz
           Me jati hoon phupiamma mujhe baba bulathe hain
                 (My mom
literally cried after reading this)

After that I started writing Maddh-e-Moula and my father used to guide me--

Maqsade zindagi Ya Ali, - jaan nashine-nabi Ya Ali
           Maddha karta hoon teri raqam - Pardh ke Nade Ali, Ya Ali

(Q) Whom were you impressed by ?

(A) I was impressed by Professor Shahriyar and Parveen Shakir.

(Q) Can you recollect how many Nohas, Salaams,Qasidas,Mankhabaths etc. have you  written up till now?

(A) It is difficult to say,  but approximately I have written  more than 150 nohas,  50 to 60 salaams,  nearly 150 Qasidas and Mankhabat, and countless Rubayaath, Khatat etc.

(Q) Can any one become a Sha'ir of Ahlul Bait?

(A) In my opinion no. There are two kinds of Sha'eran-e- Ahle Bait. One is where someone- like me-  inherits the talent of writing poetry from their father, mother, grand parents etc. Some times it happens that in spite of this the children cannot have the power of writing. Other kind are those who are gifted, although no one in their family is a poet, for example Javed Maqsood Saheb, who used to spend more time with people of literary interest. (And another kind I should mention are those with Aqida; these people are lovers of Ahlul Bait and they just want to join in the line of maddh-e-khan. )

(Q) What are your future plans? 

(A) To keep writing and to serve Islam.  

(Q) Do you have any advice for the new poets?

(A) My advice to the new poets ( Sha'erain-e-Ahlel Baith (A.S) )of this generation is that firstly they should stick to the discipline (Takhadus) of the gathering (Mehfil) . It is not only our belief (aqidah ) but our Yaqeen-E-Kamil that our Anwar-E-Moqadisa are present in our gatherings. Thus we should regard these mahafil with the highest esteem.

  Rasheed sahab has requested, that the tune and rhythm (tarannum) of the qaseedas, salaams, and manqabat should befit the mehfil.

   It will be beneficial for all amateurs to become familiar with the rules of sha'iry. 

(Q) Would you like to say some thing to the momineen?

(A) My Duas are with those momin who try to promote Islam in any little way they can. In this era where internet has become a source of achieving knowledge and as there are numerous websites  against Islam, I appreciate your effort to uplift our community and pray that you keep it up. 

(Q) Could you please name all the books that have been published?  


  •   Azaan-E-Mawaddath (Naat ,mankhabath and Qasidas) 

  •    Qandil -E-Atash  (Salaams)

  •    Namaz-E-Aza (Nohe)

  •    Karbala Hayya Allal Khairul Amal (Nohe)

  • Audio 

  • Ashkoan Ke Qayme  4 volumes (Nohe)

  • Intesaar 2 volumes (Nohe)

  • Salle Ala Zainab (Nohe)

  • Moula Ajaao (Munajaath)

  • Gazliyath Audio

  • Faraz -E- Nazar

  • Jaagthi Raatain


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