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Our Religious Activities



"O Muhammad! Deliver what has been sent down to you from your Lord; 
and if you don't do it, then, (it will be as if) you have not
delivered His message (at all); 
and surely Allah will protect you from (the mischief) of men; 
verily, Allah does not guide a disbelieving people."
(Quran 5:67).


On 3rd Jamad-Ul-Thani we had Majalis (at our place) Shadath  Bibi Fatima Zahra(S.A).Hadis-E-Kisa was recited by Mohammad son of Hasnian.Followed by three salaams and a marsia. Zakir Murtuza recited Fazayal and masayab of Bibi on the mimber.And then we had two Nohas and Matham.

Tonight is second Thursday and we have Jashan at Amir bhai's place. And later  at eleven we will have Majalis at our place.



Viladath Bibi Fatima-Zahra(S.A) Mubarak to all the Momineen. On this joyous occation we are having a Jashan at our place on Monday after the Milad at ImamBarghah.,  and Aga Saroosh will be reciting his wonderful Qasidas in Bibi's shan(InshaAllah) at both the places. .This week we are quite busy with Milads.We have ladies Milad at Madressa on Tuesday  and one common Milad for ladies and gents at ImamBargha-E-Raza on Monday 

Last night was Shab-E-Wiladath of Bibi Fatima(S.A)and the Milad at our place was a great success.It started with Hadis-E-Kisa and then Qasida Khani in Bibi's Shan.Aga Sarosh was a great success.
Here are some of his Ashaar

Khuld se ban ke ayi hai who
Murtuza ki dulhan Fatima

Hai shariyath tere sath yun
Jaise choti behan Fatima

Tere mamtha ke hai do nayan
Ek Hussain ek Hasan Fatima

Woh tho Qambar ne mihar oonton ki phoran chod di
Varna keh de the Ali leja ise Qambar sameth

Hath me ek phool thithli, phool se lipti hui
Tha yunhi us hath me Khaiber dar lashker sameth

Us tharaf Lahkoan ka lashkar saj raha tha aslahe
Aur yahan par kul bahathar the Ali Asgar sameth

Last night Thursday the 21st of September we had our regular majalis. As usual Ehsan recited Hadis-E-Kisa followed by salaams and Marsia and then one Noha and matham.We are grateful to all momineen to come regularly to this majalises specially to Fayaz Bhai and Hyder Bhai.

29th September2000

Today is 1st of Rajab and the days of Jashan's and Kundes has started. The first Imam whose wiladath is on 1st of Rajab is Mohd Baqar(A.S) and last night being Thursday we had Jashan at our place. It started with Hadis-E-Kisa and lots of Qasidas.
1st October
The first invitation for Kundas of Imam Jaffar-E-Sadiq(A.S) is from Mrs.Fatima Teja.Its on Thursday InshAllah.I will keep you informed as and when there are Jashan and niyaz.

Last night Thursday we atteneded Niyaz of Imam Jafar-E-Sadiq(A.S) at Three places and then there was majlis at our place of Ali Asgar (A.S).

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10th October 2000

To night there was Jashan at ImamBarghah-E-Raza,Hasan Zaffar Saab Qibla was the zakir.It was really a pleasant surprise when Qadim Bhai and company arrived at our place for the Jashan(as we had kept our Jashan on Wed)Anyway the Jashan was great and Qadim Bhai and Co. recited the Qasidas well.

11th October 2000, 13th Rajab

Allah gave all momineen the best gift of alifetime on this day 'The 13th of Rajab'.Wiladat of Imam Ali-Ibn-Talib.On this day of great rejoice we had Jashan at our place as usual we started with Hadis-E-Kisa recited by Ehsan

26th oct 20000

Today is a sad day for Momineen as it is Safar-E-Imam Hussain (AS).Today we had Majlis at our place first we had Namaz-e-Fajr ba Jamaath and then Marsia Hadis and then Noha and Matham.

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Now Shaban has started the month of rejoicing and Jashans, the month of Ibaadaath,the month of Istighfar.In this month Imam Hussain(AS)was born so Allah The Almighty has been so Meharbaan on us that He has not given a single day of mourning.And where as in the month of Moharram when this Mazloom Imam reached Matrydom there is not a single day of rejoice.

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9th November 2000

Today was Thursday and as usual we had Jashan as it was very near to 15th Shabaan .There was Jashan at Ameer Bhai's place too, it was tarayi Mushaira(It means they give you a line to write a Qasida.It was great and everyone has written well including Ehsan.After Ameer bhai's Jashan it was our turn and we had free style(that means we could recite any Qasidas of different Shayar)0Every one was in a jovial mood and they enjoyed the Qasida Khani a lot and Khadim Bhai recited a Shar in english too.

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