Laila Khan

She was a loving and caring person. She was funny and always had some way of keeping in touch with everyone! Everyone loved her! She was a perfect grandma, mom, sister and friend. please read a Surah Fateha for her. Thank you, She will always be in our hearts!

This Poem is dedicated to my Grandma and all the people who knew her
In this poem what am I suppose to write?
'Bout my grandma the family's light?
Everybody's tellin' me to write a poem 'bout her
but i cant because she's too good for words
And thats why Im here to tell u
Because she is too good to be true
Other may be sad but Im not blue
Because she may have left but her memories still shine
Makes me miss her even more
Maybe a little tear fell down my cheek
Maybe I am a bit weak
Maybe Life will go on Maybe we will get strong
maybe All we need is to remember the things, things she left us with Memories!


Sakina Umme Abiha

She was my only grandma as my other grandparents all passed away before I was born or when I was small . I used to visit her once in a year and whenever I would feel lonely I used to go and talk to her. She was a very pious and joyful lady. she never missed a chance to send me gifts . The last gift she sent me was 20 dollars . We all miss her a lot . please recite Surah Fateha for her .


Rana Sajanlal

My Mom was the greatest mom. I too am a mother of three children but main bhi waisi maa nahi ban saki jaise woh thi. She was like a mother to most of our community women and always worried about them and she use to pray for their well-being. She was the BEST mom BEST sister BEST grandma BEST friend BEST daughter BEST aunt etc.

Meherunnisa Begum

I am proud of my sister as she was a very pious lady and she never use to miss Namaz-E-Shab

Ehsanullah Sajanlal

Mrs Badarunnisa Begum was my mother in law. She was like my mother. She used to love me a lot. Now she is  gone I am left without a mother. May Almighty Allah and Masoomin A.S grant her the best place in heaven.

Fizza Amir Ali

This is just from me to all who knew "Nanna" Rana Aunty's Mom...she was a Nanna for all of us..she was one of the most loving persons i had ever come across...the most time i had spent with her was in the summer of '99 when she came down here for Manu bhai's wedding...she was so active and free-spirited...her death has left a deep void in all our hearts...i pray to the Almighty to grant her family peace and strength to bear this irreplaceable loss.... loads of love to you Nanna, your always remembered in our thoughts and prayers...

Syeda Sogra

                               Hazaroun Saal Narjis Apni Benoori Par Roti Hai
                            Bardi Mushkil Se Hota Hai Chaman Mein Deedawaar Paida

My mother was my ideal. She was an ideal mother, ..... God fearing, affectionate and a good teacher who shared her problems with her children and guided them rightly. At the same time she was a disciplinarian who guided her children to lead a successful life.

She was an ideal wife who shared her husbands problems in every field of life and also care taking and a good nurse.

She was an ideal sister for her siblings.   She was an ideal daughter in law who solved her in laws problems and helped them throughout every crisis.

Her personal impact on me, her love and affection for me and my children outweighs all her other qualities which will Inshallah open the doorways of heaven for her.

Whenever , Wherever we were we had the confidence that her duas were with us. Jan 2004 brought along a great loss to all of us. She left us alone but her preachings are with us.

May Allah give her her rightful place at the feet of Khatoon E Jannat .