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Ziarat Rules







Mir Hasan Mir

The Kerbala diaries

Necessary instructions  for  Zaireen

  1.  Punctuality is very important.  Attendance at declared places on time is to be honored  to avoid delays.

  2. Carry only essential things. Light baggage is recommended.

  3. Do not keep or carry valuables such as, jewelry, driving license, credit cards or any other important documents etc. (as these  are not required )

  4. Always keep a passport copy, a photograph & the identity card with you.

  5. Do not go anywhere without the permission of Qafela salaar

  6. Consult Mr. Muneer Mawjee for the encashment of currency.

  7. Always be in groups and help each other .

  8. Proper care should be taken for food and water. Always use the food  provided  by the management. You can carry snacks for self use.

  9. Parents are requested to take care of their children. Ladies are requested not to go out alone.

  10. Everyone is requested to take care of  elderly and sick zaireen.

  11. One has to be patient, co-operative, forbearing and should exhibit brotherhood.

  12. Carry the medicine for personal use (enough for 15days or more )

  13. Bus and seat numbers will be allotted  in Iraq. To avoid confusion kindly adhere to the allotted  bus and seat till the end of the trip.

  14. Ladies are requested to wear proper hijab .( scarf, chadder and socks)

  15. Qafela salar or volunteers are always available for help.

  16. Elderly zaireen who cannot walk are requested to bring their own wheel chairs.

  17. An extra pair of reading glasses be kept.

  18. Zaireen are requested to check in their personal baggage  (please limit it to 20kgs. only) and obtain the baggage tags. It is also advisable to put large (visible) name tags on your baggage.

It is the deepest desire of every Shia to be bestowed with the bounty of visiting the shrines of the infallibles. It is apparent from Quranic verses and authentic traditions that those who have given their lives in Allah's way are very much alive. As history shall bear witness, all Imams (a.s.) without exception, were either martyred by the sword or poisoned. Our Imams (a.s.) are the chiefs of all martyrs. Our Imams (a.s.) are not simply alive, they witness all our actions, hear our talks and even answer us. However, it is a different matter that we are too sinful to hear their replies.

In today's age, visiting the shrines of the infallible Imams (a.s.) is like visiting them when they were alive. To visit even one is like visiting all. According to a tradition narrated by

Imam Moosa Kazim (a.s.),

'One who visits our first one, visits the last one. And one who visits our last one, visits the first one.'

(Behaarul Anwar, vol 100 pg 122)

On similar lines Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) declares,

'One who visits us after we have passed away is like the one who has visited us while we were alive.'

(Behaarul Anwar, vol 100 pg 124)

There are so many Shias having the ardent desire to visit the graves of the immaculate Imams (a.s.). Just a glance at the photograph of the shrines triggers a sea of emotions in them, tears start rolling down the cheeks and the desire to visit the shrines intensifies further. The body and the spirit are willing, however circumstances act as a barrier between them and the visitation. Lack of means does not permit them to reach the shrines, and they have to be content with glancing at photos of the shrines and they keep on nursing this unfulfilled desire of visitation.


MASHALLAH Raza bhai and Dr. Ehsan takes a qafila to Kerbala. Every year the number of zaireen is doubling and so are the risks of visiting the shrine of our Holy Imam. The spirit that people from around the world are showing to visit Karbela, even in these days of  uncertainty, says a tale of its own which does not have to be explained. It is said that Ziaarat of Imam Hussain on the day of Arbaeen is the sign of a true momin and its sawaab is equal to 70 Hajj !! It is equally important to visit the shrine of Hazrat Hurr. All zaireen should keep in mind the maqsad of going to Kerbala i.e to give condolences to our Imam of all his beloved  shaheed and to attend Majalis as much as possible. It is also highly recommended to perform salah inside the Roza itself. 

Note--- Do not hesitate to contact the qafela salaar for any assistance or services.

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